Menorca Holiday Games

307The games started almost as soon as we hit Menorcan soil. Carousel surfing, demonstrated here by the 1&onlyD and no.2 son, is dangerous and should not be practised. It tends only to be sanctioned at the end of a long day’s travelling when the adults in the party haven’t the energy to create distractions or impose authority.

The resort pool was a hoot. The inflatables were the vehicle for getting all three playing together.


Next to the resort was a water park. No.2 son led the charge down the slides and flumes, but his sister and brother followed. By the final day, no.1 son had risen to the challenge and was the sole family member to do the ‘plug-hole’ – a slide into a giant basin around which one spun until dropping out of the hole at the bottom.


We played some tennis. The limp state of the net is a good metaphor for the quality of our play in the heat of the early afternoon. 312

To the boys’ delight, the court became a football pitch, where they took part in several resort tournaments. One involved mixed age teams – what could go wrong with that?


On day 1 at the water park, watching no.2 son tear away and up steps to a slide, Mrs TL said “I just know we’re going to end up in hospital this holiday.” What prescience. But it turned out to be the 1&onlyD. Sitting on a bar beside the table tennis (see left of image below), she was failed by her gymnastically trained balance and slipped off and around the bar, bumping the back of her head. 323

She seemed fine through the evening, but shortly after going to bed felt ill. I called a doctor, who examined her and very calmly explained she was calling an ambulance to take her across the island to hospital for an emergency brain scan. Mrs TL accompanied her on a blue-light midnight flit. The scan was all clear and they were discharged the next morning.

They arrived just too late to see no.1 son win the resort table-tennis tournament. Here he is in action in the final, out-foxing some poor old fellow in a hat, good for nothing more active than finger exercise at a keyboard.




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10 responses to “Menorca Holiday Games

  1. Glad the all clear was given – what a holiday.
    The slides look amazing – we’d love it there.

  2. Ohh wow!! Looks like you had a fab time x

  3. The waterpark looks amazing! Glad the head injury wasn’t more serious!

  4. So pleased you had a great time ……. i would love to ride on the carousel!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  5. Sounds like fun, except for the trip to hospital obviously! Glad she was ok though. We had a trip to hospital during our holidays too, and DD1 came back with her left arm in a cast…! Great to have all our family and friends in France signing it and giving her an exciting holiday souvenir 😉

    • I think the holiday hospital visit is an essential rite of passage for parents. It’s eight years since we last had to do it and it’s never been with the boys. Hope your daughter’s arm is fixed. Thanks.

  6. Oh my goodness! That must have been a scary moment hearing she needed a brain scan 😦 Can totally relate to that feeling of ‘we’re going to end up in A&E’. What is it with active kids that mean they always end up there?! So glad she was OK and well done to your son for winning the table tennis tournament!

  7. Looks like a great holiday, but I would have gone into major A&E panic…glad all was well.

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