Christmas holiday games

A wet Christmas holiday, spent at home. The biggest challenge to our status as out-sourcing parents: no school, sports clubs or music lessons. There were large quantities of screen-time, but in between we managed some fresh air and games.

Most difficult was finding activities that all three children were happy to Xmas bootsparticipate in. On Christmas Day, sons no.1 and 2 headed with me to the local park for football in their brand new boots. The 1&onlyD came along to play on the exercise equipment. Earlier that day, no.2 son had taken his new World Cup football to the back door and drop kicked it over the fence into our neighbour’s garden. This turned out to be fortunate as our game in the park was brought to an end by a dog running off with our ball between its teeth. We are not a family of dog lovers.

Other outdoor action was engaged in by the kids singly or in pairs. The Xmas goalback-garden, boasting a pristine, new “colossal” goal, sustained a few skirmishes with the boys before the grumpy groundsman (me) took umbrage at the damage to the sodden lawn and cancelled play.

Xmas skatesThe 1&onlyD and no.2 son came out roller-blading. My daughter practised nimble turns; the boy went for speed.

No.1 son and I, on days when parting from his PS3 had been just too difficult in daylight hours, went running through the dark, wet streets of our town. It’s interesting how he can manage 70 minutes of football (which I cannot), but the steady exercise of jogging brings on stitches.

Xmas hulaBack indoors, no.2 son developed abdominal muscles of rock. Practicing with his mother’s weighted exercise hula-hoop, first he completed one minute of continuous gyration. The next target achieved was five minutes. Taking a short break, he then set out to scale ten minutes. This he did and did not stop, until after 25 minutes of continuous hip-sway, he was persuaded to let the hoop drop for his own safety.

Less physically draining, the 1&onlyD learnt card tricks to fox us with. She Xmas pianopracticed the piano conscientiously, particularly Chim-chim chiree. Even no.1 son played some piano when an audience assembled.

On a visit to friends, the boys and I crossed the road to a park and took on England’s 10th ranked girl sprinter (aged 12). We must have been hampered by the cold and the wind, which strangely didn’t seem to hold back our opponent.

Xmas gym 1In the house, the sprinter’s younger sister worked with the 1&onlyD on a gymnastics routine. Their display of agility, strength and co-ordination had a Christmassy back-drop.

The arrival on New Year’s Eve of cousin F (age 5) did unite the kids. While the adults ate and chatted, they occupied themselves with games of hide and seek teddy. And a trip to the pool, accompanied by a couple of friends, also occupied the three – in ferocious battles to control a foam float.

Tomorrow brings school, football practice and a return to the routines of finding uniform and kit, giving lifts and entrusting our children to the hands of others.



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19 responses to “Christmas holiday games

  1. afamilydayout

    I’m guessing that if you’ve had as much rain as us your sports clubs might be curtailed a little further. Our rugby, tennis and football pitches are all waterlogged/flooded! Fortunately at least our youngest can get back to swimming today. #MagicMoments

    • The north-west escaped the worst of the rain-storms, but like you we are seeing matches being cancelled. Hopefully, school will tire them out. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. They are very active children and fair play for getting outside on Christmas Day. They are very impressive gymnastics. Thank you for linking up on MotivationalMonday.

    • Getting outside in Christmas Day is one of those things that no one looks forward to, but everyone is glad they’ve done it afterwards. It helps keep tempers under control, as well as build up an appetite for the next feeding session. Thanks for the kind comment.

  3. Impressive hula hooping skills! My Mum has also just taken this one up recently lol.

  4. Lovely to see your Christmas fun involving computer screens and TV

  5. Wow, those gymnastics look good!

  6. goodness you have all been super active through the Christmas!! i am feeling relived i am like No1 son in that i can play hockey till the cows come home but send me jogging and i want to puke in minutes?! .. go figure.

    glad you had a lovely time

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  7. Not sure my heart could cope with those very impressive gymnastics in the living room – wow! x

  8. You’ve been busy! We always play games to get the kids to do the things we want (like actually walk on a walk rather than be carried.) My favourite at the moment is trapist monks!

  9. Lovely to see kids being nice and active – fab gymnastics moves 🙂 #letkidsbekids

    • Thank you. I won’t pretend there wasn’t a lot of time in front of screens as well during the holiday. But it is the other, more active things that are memorable.

  10. Popping back from let kids be kids linky. It does look like you had lots of fun.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  11. Good to see some activity alongside the screens 🙂 We had a lot of snow and a polar vortex to contend with, so didn’t manage to get outside as much as we would have liked…! #LetKidsBeKids

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