Once she made her own blue dress,

tied ribbons in her short brown hair

to dance the night away with him.

She cannot remember it now.


Once they held hands and kissed

on the back seat of a Balham bus,

before he walked home again, penniless.

She cannot remember it now.


Once they swam naked in azure seas,

ate seafood on the beach then

walked quietly through island flowers.

She cannot remember it now.


Always she did everything for him,

entertained his friends, concocted special meals

from vegetables she grew in their garden.

She cannot remember it now.


So now he cooks some basic fare,

he slowly vacuums the floor,

helps her into her clothes, combs her snow-white hair

because he remembers everything about


his girl of seventeen,

his bride of twenty-three,

his lifelong companion.



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8 responses to “Remember

  1. Oh this has made me well-up. How emotional and gorgeous; the memories of life forgotten by one half of the partner but clung on to by the other. Beautiful and very emotional

  2. This is simply beautiful, LOVE. There is comfort in her life being remembered, even if not by herself. Powerful words, and wonderfully expressed. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  3. This is beautiful. So poignant. I’m sure that there can’t be many of us that don’t wonder if this may be in our future, one way or the other. #ThePrompt

  4. I love this. So beautifully written and filled with emotion! I love how we are taken on a journey throughout the poem. Just wonderful #ThePrompt

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