He often sits nowadays at piano keys

absorbed, iPhone propped amidst classical sheets,

playing pop tunes from previous generations,

painstakingly-learned from

you tube demonstrations


Brown glossy hair is flicked out of eyes

incisive, searching the world with his impatient,

rapacious appetite for knowledge and information:

teeth, habitually covered in sweet lips-closed smiles are,

head thrown back, revealed in straightened glory, when with

dimpled cheeks and deep explosive laughs he shares with me

a joke, a story, a meme on his screen – his

youthful exuberance; just being sixteen.



Gorgeous, gentle

Adorable, acerbic


Remarkable, relentlessly-

Inquisitive, intelligent

Emotional, eloquent

Lovely, lovable





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12 responses to “Sixteen

  1. Oh this is adorable and paints such a brilliant picture. Something for you both to look back on in years to come x

  2. Love it! There’s so much energy from the rhythm and it’s almost like you want to be in his shoes. So many dimensions. #prose4t

  3. I love the story telling through the words, you have painted the picture well X #prose4t

  4. sarahmo3w

    I love this! He sounds like just the sort of son any mother would be very happy to have. Mine turns 16 in a few weeks. I actually forget he’s only 15 because he’s doing his GCSEs!

  5. I love this! It dances along, like the music, and paints such a vivid picture of your son. Beautiful. #prose4t

  6. This is such a gorgeous piece of poetry. Your son sounds like a very rounded and interesting character and this poem really does share his traits with us. I love it! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

  7. A lovely ode to your son and a wonderful way to share his character with us. I’m popping over from Britmums poetry roundup.

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