We are on the side and in the thick of it as our three children move from infancy towards adolescence.

Mother in the Middle is a blur of parenting activity. The middle child of three daughters, Mother in the Middle is at the centre of her three childrens’ universes. Her writing was described as “beautiful and touching” in Britmums Teen and Tween round-up.

Mother in the Middle is also an advocate for those who require help articulating their needs to social and health services. She draws on her experiences to write about ageing, dementia, lifetime commitment and loss. The Guardian has published The Eccles Cake on its social life blog.

Touchline Dad is found on the touchline, quieter than most other parents, practicing the art of supporting, while not supporting.

WordPress’s ‘Daddybloggers in the spotlight: a Father’s Day round-up’ (June 2013), gave this description:

Touchline Dad is a sports lover raising three sporty children, and learning how to be a perfectly supportive sideline dad

You can hear Touchline Dad talking about blogging, junior sport and cricket on this Reverse Swept Radio podcast.


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  1. For me parenting is really a blur too. It just everyday is going by so fast when you are a mom/dad =) #pocolo #aboutme

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